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3 Layers of Security

The biggest hurdle to getting consumers to adopt mobile phone payments is trust. Samsung Pay uses 3-levels of security to protect every purchase made, but they needed a way to convey the message to consumers.

My solution: Show consumers that Samsung Pay is convenient and secure using humor and delight.

Layer Cake

Three layers of cake is better than one.

3 Layers of Cake is better than 1.

3 Layer Cake with a Cherry On Top

3 Layers of Cake is better than 1.

Layer Up

If cake's not your thing...then, puppies?

3 Layers of warmth is better than 1.


Leave your wallet at home, pay with your phone. It's THAT easy.

Travel Light

travel light with Samsung Pay

Hands Up. Wallets Down.

Put Your Hands up for Samsung Pay

Virtually Anywhere

Virtually anywhere and everywhere Person's response to the cats

If a picture is worth a thousand words,

A Prototype IS WORTH A

1,000 COMPS

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