HipHop-Yoga Logo Design

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Image of HipHop-Yoga Logo Design Image of HipHop-Yoga Logo Design on T-Shirts
Project Details


Develop a cool, yet friendly graffiti inspired logo for Mindful Practices' flagship program HipHop-Yoga.

The Problem:

At the time I was commissioned to design the HipHop-Yoga logo, Mindful Practices was using a graffiti stencil created by one of HipHop-Yoga's first students to spray paint t-shirts. The students loved the design and the shirts looked great, but as the program grew the design met opposition from school principals and parents who were negatively associating the design with gang symbols.

The Solution:

I balanced the need to make the program appealing to students with the need to eliminate any negative connotation with the brand by producing an easy-to-read, block-letter graffiti graphic. The final result received very positive feedback from both students and faculty.


Mindful Practices

Skill Sets:

Typography, Brand Development, AI